I have a LIMITED NUMBER of time slots open for one-on-one Skype guitar lessons. For a more personalized touch and the option to ask questions and to get an immediate reply, Skype guitar lessons are a great option.penguin-baby-antarctic-life-52512

If you live somewhere that you cannot find a good guitar teacher, and you really want to take live guitar lessons, Skype just might be the best alternative to packing up and relocating. Although that’s what had to happen before Skype, now you just need a high speed internet connection. Even if your from Antarctica, we could always try it out, see if your internet is fast enough.

CONTACT ME NOW to set up a free trial lesson to see if Skype guitar lessons are right for you.

Just fill out the form below, it will help me to give you better personalized instruction specific to your wants and needs. Please answer these four questions:

What style of music do you like or would like to play on guitar?

Who are some guitar players, musician and/or bands that you like?

What goals do you have with music and learning how to play guitar?

How much experience do you have with guitar or other musical instruments?

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Taking guitar lessons through Skype allows you to take lessons in the comfort of your own home. Feeling relaxed and comfortable is very important when learning a musical instrument. In a music shop, even though no one serious about music is judging you, you may still feel insecure. Maybe you feel like you’re being judged.


Interaction through Skype is almost as good as what you would get through a live in-person interaction. In some cases it may even be better because I have access to my computer that contains all my lessons. Whereas if I’m giving a lesson in the music shop, I have to prepare each lesson in advance and hope that I chose the right content for that lesson. That is not difficult, but sometimes the student would benefit from content that I cannot present at that time. I have to go back home and email them to address a question that comes up during a guitar lesson. With Skype guitar lessons, I have access to my computer during the guitar lesson and I can send over information or lesson material that you need at that moment.


An overwhelming majority of students start to tremble and shake in front of their teachers. Especially students who started past ~25-35 years of age get a bit anxious playing in front of the big bad teacher staring at every mistake with laser beams literally coming out of their eyeballs. I too felt the hot pressure of laser burn on my fingers whilst taking private piano lessons in my late 20’s. I was shaking and quaking and just trying to get through my pieces without crying. So I understand the fear because I can relate to it.


Taking guitar lesson via Skype is one way to reduce some of that anxiety. Although that anxious feeling is good for your musicianship and will increase your skill level. Anytime you can play well when you’re nervous, you are increasing your skill level. So a little anxiety is a good thing which you still get with Skype guitar lessons, maybe just not as bad.