This is Section 1 and starts off very easy, but don’t go though it too fast. Your success in this course depends on how well you master these three basic points.

  • Keep your finger straight
  • Keep your finger parallel to the frets
  • Keep your finger close to the fret

Have your guitar out and follow along.

Exercise 1: All six strings equally muted. Click to view written instructions.

Make sure you are really getting the three points all at the same time. They all must be done together to be effective. Don’t gloss over this, the main problem that happens is your finger starts to bend. If you are going too fast, it is unlikely that your finger will be parallel with the fret or up close to the fret. Therefore, repeat this exercise until you can go slowly and accurately up and down the fret board. Then move on.

The next exercise is to be repeated several times (3-10) for several days in a row (at least 3, maybe more).

In the next one you now have permission to sound really bad! So let it out. Once you can let yourself sound really bad while practicing these, you will then put in the necessary practice time to be able to play barre chords really easily.

Exercise 2: Slight pressure on all six strings. Click here to view written instructions


Exercise 3: Hold six strings all the way down, six clear pitches. Click to view written instructions

It’s important that you practice this last one for a few days in a row. The muscles that control your finger will need to go through periods of working hard and resting to notice results. Therefore, make a commitment to find as little as 15 minutes a day for the next 7 days. If you can do that, there’s a much better likelihood of obviously noticeable results.