Brain Waves Heart Rhythm Guitar Method

Learn the biggest weakness of nearly every guitar student. Get into the right mental and emotional state to make maximum progress. Never feel like an average guitar player again.

5 Things EVERY beginner guitar player MUST know

Learn the 5 things you must know in order to progress on the guitar and help you reach the next levels. Some skills are style specific, while other skill are universally useful. The skills the serve as a foundation for everything else that you will be doing on guitar will be learned here.

Learning the rudiments will ensure that you don’t get stuck. It will ensure that you will have some sense of what to do in most common situations.

This course gets right to the point and don’t waste words or your time. You get the 5 MUST know essentials for playing guitar all in one place.

I provide you with email support if you have questions. I also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Building Up To Barre Chords

One of the most common roadblocks for many guitar students is surely playing barre chords. This skill takes time to develop enough strength to succeed. Just as important, this skill takes the correct hand posture. So, you will learn how to hold your hand properly though out the whole process.

This course has 3 main sections and a bonus section. I guide you though all the step from super easy (99% of people can do) to medium and finally hard. Once you get to the hard stage, you are playing a barre chord.

If you’ve been stuck strumming the same old open chords, learn barre chords. If you’re now tuning your guitar to alternate tuning, just to avoid barre chords, learn barre chords. If you keep looking for that new skill that will swing the doors of possibilities wide open… and you still haven’t learned barre chords? Oh boy, sit down with me and learn it.

Take this online course and practice these drills in the comfort of solitude until you can play barre chords. It’s going to sound bad, that’s okay. It usually does and that can be embarrassing.  To anyone listening, you feeling like a fail, or even just your own inner critic listening in disapproval as it hangs its imaginary head. So in this course you not only have permission to sound horrible, it is a requirement. If it doesn’t sound horrible you literally not doing it right! So there you go, no more excuses. It’s going to sound horrible yeah, let go through it and get on with it. We can invest a little energy into learning these new skills. They take time at first, everyday is by FAR the quickest and easiest. Although not always easy to find time, I get it.

The tutorials in this course are labeled so you can always get out a little sticky pad out and write down which vid you’re on. Or take a note on your smarty phone, I don’t know… how ever you kids are doing it these days. Then go back when you have the time. It will take longer, but will still be a very linear and methodical process.

If you really get stuck, I also offer support via email. I’m also offering a 30 day money back guarantee for those who are actually going to go though the whole course and practice what is in the course.of course. If you’re not even going to put the practice time into learning these then this course is NOT for you. There’s plenty of free stuff on YouTube you can check out. The WANT, to play these, has to be greater than the feeling of frustration whist learning them. The desire to keep practicing them after practicing them for months and “failing” (in your own mind) is a MUST to learn this and anything really.

How To Improvise On Guitar (Section 1)

Improvising on guitar can be one of the most rewarding experience you can have and that you can share with other beings and non-being alike. Tapping into your abundant reserve of creativity and spontaneity can be hard for many whom didn’t have the conditions to be brought up free to express every thought. Most of us are encouraged to just keep quiet if we feel the need to express a contrary idea.

This course start at a point that gives you the comfort of restrictions. You get three rules that totally restrict you and then force you to be creative. This method has been working great, turning brand new noobs in to guitar solo taking noobs. So, it’s not going to turn you into Eddie Van Halen, but it will get the ball rolling.