How To Teach Guitar: Studio Policy

You’ll need a solid studio policy if you an sort of order in your life. There are many different options. My personal recommendation is to build a library of video and written lessons. When a student cancels, then provide them an email lesson as a make up.

Having a no make-up no reschedule policy is the ONLY way to run a guitar teaching business once you get at least 25 students. If you’re trying to offer make-up lessons, or offer credits for following months, you will have a chaotic schedule and unpredictable flow of income.

Stick to your policy! Once you offer someone an exception to your policy, it will become an expectation. They will completely forget that you have a policy. When, not if someone does ask for a make-up you can have a stock email prepared that explains why you don’t do make-ups. You can also attach a copy of your lesson policy to that email. I find that if I don’t do this, they tend to forget quite often. It’s nothing personal, everyone has a busy life these days. If they go 6 months without missing a lesson, they will honestly forget that you don’t do reschedules. So just find a nice way to put it. Don’t feel bad about it either. The fact is, you can’t provide the highest quality lessons without food in your belly or some regular sort of schedule.