How To Read A Scale Diagram

How To Read A Chord Diagram

Switching From 16th Notes To 8th Note Triplets

This is most likely not the first time you’ve come across these concepts, but it is not a problem if it is.

It can be hard for a self taught guitar player to go back and learn the rudiments for a multitude of reasons. There is most definitely NO shame in saying to yourself you have got to go back and start from the beginning. There seems to be a great fear in being a beginner of anything. Even beginners I teach are so anxious to be considered ‘not-beginner’ that they prefer to skip through the basics.

Therefore, I have a lot of respect for self taught guitar players who decide to go back and learn the rudiments. To put down their pride and seek guidance can be excruciating for some of them. They learn a valuable lesson about music just through that action alone.

When you are ready ready to cover the beginning level bases that you may have skipped over, you should start with 5 Things EVERY Beginner Guitar Player MUST know. This will give you a great foundation to not only learn new songs, but the spruce up those pieces that you never got quite right. Put the finishing touches on that piece that you seem to hit a dead end on and just need some fundamentals to pull you through it.

So often I see students who struggle through certain songs or pieces because that do not have a basic grasp of a few specific skills. One of those skills is learning how to play barre chords.