In this course you will be taken through a series of exercises that develop the skills needed to play a barre chord. By the end of this course you will have a clear understanding of what it takes to play a barre chord. If it seems close to impossible to play barre chords, you will be happy to learn that it just takes a little hard work. After doing the right exercises, and getting results, your self doubts will no longer prevent you from learning how to play barre chords.

Here is a lesson that will help you get started and will serve you through out this course.

Section 1: Establishing the correct position of the hand. Learn the three key points to building a strong foundation for playing barre chords.

Section 2: Building up to playing a barre chord that will allow you to play a lot more songs, the F chord!

Section 3: Finger workouts. Build coordination and strength. Ingraining the chord shape to muscle memory.

BONUS: Coordination, switching to barre chords from open chords exercise.