MasterRobbie has been playing guitar for over 25 years. He fell in love with the guitar as a child and has been dedicated to learning and playing ever since. He has studied with several well known and respected guitar and music teachers including Larry Koonse, Kelsey Walker, Chris Judge, Alan Reed and Michael Eglin to name a few. He holds two music degrees including a B.A. from Humboldt State University as well as an A.A. from S.B.C.C. 

Robbie has experience in both playing in and leading bands, performance, songwriting and composition.

Robbie leads a local guitar ensemble as well as performs solo.  He performs original compositions as well as various well known favorites in the style of Classical, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Rumba, Gypsy Jazz and various Latin styles.  As a member in a local composers forum, he dedicates a portion of his musical practice to composing. His arrangements are for various instrumentation including more eclectic instruments such as Singing Bowls, Gu Qin, Berimbau, Hulusi and more.

He has been a dedicated guitar and music teacher for about 10 years and has helped 100’s of guitar students reach new levels of skill on the guitar. He has helped beginners learn the rudiments of guitar playing such as, barre chords, scales and technique. And he has helped advanced players improve their improvising, sight reading and composing skills.