Lesson #1

Explanation on how strum patterns are made.

Learn the simple idea behind the majority of simple guitar strum patterns. This idea has baffled many and resulted in many jerky sounding strumming attempts.

Once this concept is understood and applied, all the pieces start to fit into place and there will be no need to question weather you played it right or not.


Lesson #2

Very common and versatile Strum Pattern.

This is one of the most used strum pattern for beginners learning how to strum. It has an element of syncopation (playing off the beat) that teaches the fundamentals of guitar strumming, when done right.

This strum pattern also sounds great when used to play countless songs. Many songs use this exact strum pattern for nearly the entire song. So this pattern has a great practical value that will give the beginning guitar player a clear direction of where to start.


Lesson #3

Various common and practical strum patterns.

Learning many different strum patterns can be a key to gaining more rhythmic freedom. Eventually you want to give up the idea of strumming a song using a strum pattern. Song are organic creations and often don’t fit with something as rigid as a strum pattern. Therefore, learning many different patterns gives you a greater vocabulary of rhythmic ideas that you will be able to apply.