Lesson #1

Why even bother? My timing is already REALLY good!

Don’t be too confident about how great your timing is. If it’s really that great playing with a metronome should be a breeze.

Learn why practicing with a metronome is of utmost importance.


Lesson #2

Getting started with the metronome.

Just locking in with the click is the first hurdle. You will need to learn how to listen to the click as much as you are listening to your guitar.

Lesson #3

Practicing the pentatonic scale with a metronome.

Learn how to practice the pentatonic scale to a metronome. If the examples are too fast, just use the ideas I present at a slower tempo (speed).


Lesson #4

Practice the pentatonic pattern with a metronome.

Building up your listening skills even more. This exercise should present a challenge to the beginning guitar player. Keep practicing this everyday until you get it.