Tonal Mantra Guitar System

Also known as Brain Waves Heart Rhythm Guitar Method. This Course Is very unique. It harnesses the power of the heart to increase your enjoyment and results on guitar.

By combining a specific rate of breath with playing certain things on guitar, you achieve amazing states.

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How To Improvise On Guitar

Forget the pentatonic scale (for now). This is a totally different way to learn how to take a guitar solo.

Ease into taking a solo in a way that anyone can do it. Beginners will take there first solo that actually sounds like music. Advanced students with develop their internal ear.

Be able to hear the notes before you play them.

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Building Up To Barre Chords

Barre chords are a must if you want to play guitar past the beginners level.

Five star rated course on Udemy. This course takes you through several baby steps. The end result is you will play your first barre chord.

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5 Things EVERY Beginner Guitar Player MUST Know

The 5 skills you really need in order to achieve any sort of proficiency on the guitar.


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